Corporate commitment

Environmental policy

Platacero is a company committed to the environment around you. As specialists in jewellery, we seek quality in all areas, including the care for the environment. This implies a policy of energy saving and of a very active recycling.

Our offices and shops use both renewable energy and all energy saving systems available on the market, always at the forefront, ensuring the control of consumption and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Moreover, Platacero has a policy of recycling and reuse of materials both in use and waste.

Both in our stores, such as headquarters and logistics department, we only use the necessary resources, limiting the use of paper when processing orders or managing stocks, as well as the use of cardboard of packaging products that come from forests whose reforestation management is sustainable.

Corporate Social Responsability

Platacero is a family business committed not only to its employees, representatives and customers, but with the social context in which it develops itself. Platacero promotes various activities to help the most disadvantaged where it has presence, across multiple campaigns a year, such as Christmas.

Furthermore, in Platacero we value people, ensuring continuous improvement in training and offering its employees and partners, training activities required for professional growth within the company. Also we value social integration, so we have professionals of various nationalities, men and women who help make Platacero a company with values.

These values are the ones of excellence in work and the effort we required from our employees, and which we look for in society by supporting various social responsibility actions.